Top 10 reasons to skip your 6.30 AM mysore class.


I`ve polished these quite some time now. Hope they`ll come in handy.


1. I didn`t sleep well. No, forget well. I didn`t sleep AT ALL !

2. I`m having my period. Even better: my period just started.

3. I fell and omg now I have a shoulder injury. (Needless to say, there´s no need for an actual injury, you just have to BELIEVE it!)

4. Those muscles need to rest!

5. Well, I can always take an evening class.

6. No one finds out.


8. Why bother, this day is doomed – I can feel it.

9. Just overdon`t once in your life, enough of overdoing !*

10. Can you hear it ?! I think it`s death coming.


*can only be used by Virgos (I`m sorry)


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