Awesome Lobster And The Voracious Woman

vägev vähk ja täitmatu naineI was inspecting really intently a bookshelf at our yoga school. So very focused, when dealing with books, not focused at all, when dealing with ashtanga.

Mrs Yogateacher (The Voracious Woman): Are you looking for something in particular?
Me (Awesome Lobster): I´m thinking of ordering this book and I hoped, that I could steal a look.
Mrs Yogateacher (The Voracious Woman): Why´d you even want it?!
Me (Awesome Lobster): Still trying to figure out ujjay breathing and bandhas and stuff.
Mrs Yogateacher (The Voracious Woman): Just do your practice, honey.
Mrs Yogateacher (The Voracious Woman): And here I am, learning how to forget all about the bandhas. Funny, how life is.
Me (Awesome Lobster): WHY would you do THAT?!
Mrs Yogateacher (The Voracious Woman): But I´m pregnant! I thought everyone could tell it by now?!


Well, all I could tell was that you were just fatter than I.


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