Backstabbing Mind

hitchcockOut of the blue, I couldn´t get into padmasana anymore. What the hell!? That´s something I could do from the day one on the mat! My dear Mrs. Jones was kind enough to remind me, that back in the days of no yoga and yes alcohol, I was able to walk on my knees, WHILE IN Lotos pose. Thank you, sister!


After getting this priceless piece of information, I just HAD TO try it the next day – Ladies and Gentelmen, I now have bruised knees, but I´ve proven my point.

So what the fuck happened?

I could say yes-yes, when my oh-so-tired mind says NO!, my body listens. But really?! What about, when my oh-so-excited mind says, WALK ON HANDS! My body would just be like, bitch, please…

Or wouldn´t it?



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