Prizes for losers

Yes-yes, no big deal, I am taking up ashtanga again. I was hit by a truck, hence the 6-month gap in my practice. A lie. It was more like life.

We were thinking about buying a house. We selled our apartment. Moved. Were between homes. Bought a house. Moved again. Settled in. Journey of my life, I barely survived.

So. Here I am. New home. New environment. New life. Old me. Breathless, anxious, angry.

Back to ashtanga it is. Only medicine I know. Sadly. Fuck. Let me sleep, let me rest, let me be! Jesus. What is wrong with you!? Fortunately in ashtanga, there is no losers. At least not all the way through.  I lost my strength, my breath, flexibility, but not my set of mind. I can keep all the small lessons, that make every new start a little less painful. I have turned back to ashtanga so many times, that I´ve become an expert. It´s like this one weird IMPOSSIBLE computer game, where I got a badge for dying a thousand times. Not a lie.

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