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Why I Love My Ridiculously Expensive Blender

this is not right
There are many reasons, so I narrow it down to the most important one:

                     It doesn´t ask questions.

It just stands there. Waiting. With it´s snubby come-on-put-some-stuff-in-I´ll-take-care-of-it attitude. And it always does take care of it. No. Matter. What.

But. On some rare occasions it really SHOULD ask questions. Like today. Please take a careful look at the picutre on the right. Are you thinking, what I´m thinking?

     Watermelon in a smoothie – are you sure?

     Watermelon in a smoothie – have you done this before?

     Watermelon in a smoothie – what about the seeds?

     Watermelon in a smoothie – did you forget to take your meds?

My ridiculously expensive blender didn´t have any questions. It just took care of it (like a good soldier). I was really pissed, because I had to drink two mugs of this shit. Bottoms up!

two t w o


PS. Watermelon seeds make the cutest sound when blending!



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Oat Flour

Oat FlourI bought a kilo of oat flour on monday?! I still haven´t figured out, what to do with it.  So. To stop my mindless spending for good, I´ve decided to kill myself, if I haven´t used it by the end of the week. It`s thursday. Can you hear a clock ticking?

PS. Yes. There are bullet holes in the oat flour. Spent three days and three nights photoshopping. I am very proud. And I need a drink.

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