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A little while ago my 4 year old daughter invited me to a place, where´s “only peace, quiet and raspberries”. I of course thought, that she was full of shit (again!), but I am a fairly good mother, so had to go with her. I was right – there wasn´t only peace, quiet and raspberries, there was peace, quiet, raspberries and a squirrel. She was making stuff up again!




It strikes me really odd and sad and weird and fucked up that allthough we all must know a place where´s only peace, quiet and raspberries (with an occasional squirrel), most of us choose to live our lives like this:




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Escape Artist

Two reasons why kids are better at escape games than you.

To get the candy, they have to:

1. switch on the kitchen light

2. reach to the cupboard

2. reach to the cupboard













Imagine needing a plan to get your sweets. Life is not fair.

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